Blue Topaz Price

Blue Topaz facts

Topazes are mostly colorless or pale blue, or smoky or gray in colour. These topazes are mostly made to undergo chemical treatments and heat treatments to enhance and deepen their colour and make them appear more attractive. However, untreated and unheated blue Topaz is considered to give much powerful astrological Blue Topaz benefits than a heated and treated Blue Topaz. Sky Blue Topaz prices, London Blue Topaz prices and Swiss Blue Topaz prices are high but these are treated gemstones that are considered suitable for collectors and jewelry purposes.

Blue Topaz Prices

At, we only provide Untreated and Unheated Blue Topaz gemstones at the best price of Blue Topaz stone so that you can receive the maximum astrological benefits. We provide the following qualities for an affordable Blue Topaz price in India and worldwide:-

1. Blue Topaz – Economy – Price: Rs 200.00 per carat

2. Blue Topaz – Premium – Rs 300.00 per carat

3. Blue Topaz – Super Premium – Rs 600.00 per carat

Blue Topaz Quality

Blue Topaz stone price in India and worldwide depend on two factors – the Weight (in carat or ratti) and the quality (cut, color and clarity) of the Blue Sapphire gemstone.

  • The stone should have high clarity and transparency
  • The stone has to be carefully cut to preserve the pleochroism quality of Blue Topaz
  • Natural deep blue colour is rare and expensive. Most Blue Topazes are treated and heated to get specific attractive colors.

Natural Occurrence and Blue Topaz Benefits

Topaz gemstones hail from the mineral family Silicate of Aluminum and, in their pure form, are colorless. Since they occur naturally with some inclusions, some natural impurities cause them to reflect different colours like yellow, pale blue, russet range, gray, pale green, gold or wine.

Areas where Blue topaz is mined

Blue Topaz gemstones are mined in many parts of the world like the Ural Mountains of Russia, parts of Africa, Brazil, Germany, USA, Ukraine, England, Scotland and Ireland etc.

Even though Blue Topaz gems find important use in Astrology and jewelry, they are relatively abundant and hence Blue Topaz price per carat is also quite economical and affordable. Because the Blue Topaz cost per carat is not very high, Blue Topaz gemstones are popular among the major section of people.

Blue Topaz Stone Benefits 

The blue colored variety of Topaz is generally referred to as Blue Topaz and has great astrological significance. According to Vedic Astrology, Blue Topaz stone represents the planet Saturn (Shani) and is the rashi ratna for ‘Aquarius’. Blue Topaz is worn as an upratna (substitute) for Blue Sapphire stone.

 It is called the ‘Writer’s stone’ and is associated with wealth and a lot of positive effects in the professional, mental, physical and emotional fields of its wearer’s life, for example:-

  • Blue Topaz is known to provide mental stability, peace of mind and satisfaction in life. It improves a person’s self confidence and enables them to be more expressive.
  • Blue Topaz gemstone benefits the professional life of its wearer a lot. It increases a person’s dedication, stamina and ability to work hard.
  • The benefits of wearing Blue Topaz are seen with increasing prosperity, success, wealth, health and luck.
  • Blue Topaz reduces the negative impact of Saturn (Shani) in the wearer’s horoscope.
  • It is particularly beneficial for people in the following occupations – Law, Justice, Coal, Paints, Oil, and Iron etc.

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